Friday, October 5, 2012

Watch Out for Carnivorous Caterpillars!

There are caterpillars that eat meat! Yes, some are carnivorous in nature. But you don't need to panic when you see one since only 1% of the caterpillars eat meat, and in general, they feed on soft flesh such as spiders and insects. There are many species of caterpillars in various places in the world with different characteristics. They start their life by consuming specific type of plants, but once they grow, they eat certain insects. 

What's most interesting about these caterpillars is how they kill just to get food. Some use camouflage or seductive smells to catch their prey. A particular specie in Hawaii disguises like  a bark of a tree to catch insects like spiders. In Australia, carnivorous caterpillars specifically prefer green tree ants. 

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