Saturday, December 1, 2012

How Can You Tell if a DVD Is Pirated?

Purchasing a discounted pirated movie is most likely prohibited in your area. Fortunately, pirated DVDs are easy to spot.  Here's how:

Pirated DVDs undercut the usual retail cost of a brand new DVD. Thus, if a movie sells for $5, it's most definitely just a pirated copy.

Look at the DVD cover for imperfections. A pirated DVD's cover art may look pixelated or just printed on a simple printer paper. Also, it may have spelling errors or incorrect fonts, Asian wordings or have a black and white print.

Check to see if the DVD contains bonus features. Legitimate DVDs routinely contain such bonus features as trailers, interviews, audio commentaries and animated menus. Typically, pirated movie discs contain just the movie itself. 

Look at the DVD packaging. The case must be wrapped in a transparent cellophane. The casing itself must have a security sticker seal. If the DVD is not wrapped or does not have the security sticker, it's most  likely a pirated version.

Take a look at the disc. The pirated ones usually look homemade and contain simple texts or sometimes without any label at all.

If you go as far as purchasing a suspicious DVD, you can play the film to know if it is pirated. Since pirated movies are frequently recorded using a video camera at the back of a theater, they usually have poor quality when it comes to picture and sound. You might also hear people talking inside the theater.

Only buy original DVD copies and make sure you organize them in a nice DVD storage cabinet. Check out and choose the best one that suits your taste!

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